Blockchain and Tokenomics 

20 years of e-commerce experience 

The BlockAlchemy team has been working in web technology innovations for 20 over years, and is taking this background of knowledge and expertise in design, marketing, technology, development, governance, legal and capital raising to create a winning strategy that ensures the success of ICO.

Most important is the relationships we’ve built up within the investor community, syndicates and accredited high net worth individuals. This community of investors are looking to back the next innovative ICO, giving your project the best chance at success.

Barnaby Andersun on Blockchain 

Watch Barnaby’s Interview at Harvard Law School

BlockAlchemy CEO and founder, Barnaby Andersun has a 25 background in tech development, ecommerce and digital marketing. Plus over 20 years as an international speaker and event organiser. Now Barnaby is an in-demand speaker on cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Barnaby’s invitations to speak on innovation and blockchain have included Stanford and Harvard universities and World Economic Forum in Davos.

  • Barnaby was invited in January 2018 to speak in Davos at the World Economic Forum on cryptocurrencies
  • In June 2018 to speak in Harvard University on cryptocurrencies
  • Spoken at Seoul Blockchain Week at investor conferences
  • Spoken in China, Shenzhen at investor conferences
  • Spoken in Tokyo at investor conferences
  • Spoken at Stanford University on innovation
  • Spoken at TEDx in Mexico
  • Event facilitator for the OneWorld Blockchain Alliance at Davos, Barnaby and the BlockAlchemy team was instrumental in getting the event setup for the Davos WEF.

Blockchain Speaking Engagements 

Each month around the world, Barnaby is invited to speak at events, but due to his busy schedule is not able to visit to most of them.

If you have a quality blockchain event, and would like to invite Barnaby, please contact us here.

For over a decade Barnaby’s unique style and enthusiastic, high impact, dense content on technology, transformation, innovation and social impact has engaged audiences around the world, where he has impacted thousands of people, consistently leaving them with the desire to know and go deeper into the subject matter, no matter how technical. This approach has won Barnaby numerous awards at speaking events around the world, often as best speaker.

Worldwide Impact - From Davos to Asia 

Following a 25 year career in technology, Barnaby Andersun began exploring blockchain in 2012, since 2016 he has made cryptocurrency and decentralisation the central focus for all of his online projects. Of particular fascination to Barnaby is the ICO process of inventing a unique use case and tokenomics for emerging cryptocurrency projects.

Barnaby Andersun is the founder of – a Singaporean Venture Fund combined with a full service ICO accelerator digital agency which works with select ICO projects. Blockalchemy prefers to work on a project from conception, refining the token model and unique usecase through to whitepaper, marketing and investor engagement.

Focusing on the Asia region, Barnaby has a wide network to key investors through China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singpaore.

Barnaby first started in technology in 1993, seeing his career take off when he joined Australia’s first major Web Design & Development. Barnaby has been involved in all aspects of emergy web technologies since their conception which has made Barnaby a true pioneer in technology in web development, ecommerce, digital branding & online marketing.

Barnaby Andersun, these are recent videos from the TOKENOMX conference in 2018, where Barnaby was rated top speaker at this three-day networking and education event for traders, investors, and entrepreneurs in the blockchain space.

Barnaby’s unique style suited both his crowd engaging and passionate presentation on the blockchain, plus Barnaby’s style worked equally well for being the moderator on bitcoin discussion panels.

Barnaby speaks on Web 3 and Blockchain panels 

Barnaby speaks at Harvard and WEF on Blockchain 

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Ride the Blockchain Wave

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At BlockAlchemy we are only looking to work with projects that have potential, resources and commitment to go to the moon. If you and your project has what it takes, we have the team, skills and networks to take you there.

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Billion Raised For ICOs in 2017 $7.8B in 2018 from 2000+ ICOs

Rise To The Top 

With 100 new ICO’s being listed each day from the start of 2018, your project needs to stand out from the crowd. You need a truly winning original idea that connects with the blockchain investor community, proving without a doubt that your token has a unique use case, while at the same time demonstrating that you are not a security and breaching the law with the SEC. Plus, you need a well executed winning marketing strategy that catapults you to top of mind for an ICO investor.

Most ICO’s won’t even have a well thought unique use case for their token, nor securities compliance and carefully calculated tokenomics.

So while there’s more competition than ever in the ICO space, 90% of those ICO’s being listing will be sketchy. And so you need to work extra hard to prove that your quality project is backed by a solid business model. You need a well written whitepaper that quickly conveys integrity, proving that you know what you’re doing and showing how your token will deliver on your unique use case.

Project Timeline 

Complete ICO project is 3-5 months from initial conception to hard cap funding realisation & exchange listing

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Project Plan 

Service Offerings 

Idea Alchemy

  • Critiquing and examining your idea
  • Does your idea pass our blockchain/ICO criteria
  • Do you have a unique use case for your token
  • Does your idea focus on a decentralised /community model with real innovation for the blockchain industry, or is it more about just raising capital, in which case an ICO may not be the best method
  • Re-creating your idea so that it becomes a genius idea for the blockchain

Whitepaper Alchemy

  • Taking your ideas and crafting them into a compelling whitepaper
  • Writing a whitepaper that is a perfect blend of technical, concept and vision
  • Designing necessary diagrams that bring your project to life
  • Creating a branded whitepaper that stands out like a company prospectus

Website Alchemy

  • Designing a beautiful website that perfectly captures your vision
  • Branding your vision so that everything you do fits with the ICO market
  • Compelling graphics and text that inspire trust in your brand

Technical Alchemy

  • Smart Contract;
  • Smart Contract Management System;
  • Auditing of your smart contract;
  • Consultations by developers on setting up the technology tools.

Legal Alchemy

  • Review and recommendations: Token legal concept, White Paper, landing page;
  • Set of legal documents, including Token Purchase Agreement, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy;
  • Consultations on legal aspects by external attorneys experienced in supporting ICOs;
  • Governance models on how your project will operate;
  • Corporate setup with compliant ICO friendly jurisdictions.

Marketing Alchemy

  • Marketing & PR strategies focused around dozens of proven tactics, specifying each tactic’s potential impact;
  • Bounty Program setup to conduct marketing campaigns in multiple languages;
  • Consultations by marketing experts on deployment of marketing tools.


Some of the projects that our team has developed and worked on


At BlockAlchemy we have a full service team that covers everything from token creation and programming, to design, development, marketing, PR and whitepaper writing. At the core are the idea generators, those that come up with the genius ideas that will send an ICO into the stratosphere of success.

Barnaby Andersun

Technical Design Architect & Strategist

Barnaby offers companies complete solutions for design, development and marketing themselves. For the past 8 years, his focus has been on blockchain technologies, where Barnaby has been able to build upon his 30 years of experience in digital design and development, having built hundreds e-commerce websites and apps since the webs inception. His team of developers and designers focus on creating innovative technologies for blockchain and e-commerce platforms and projects. Barnaby is a sought after international speaker, having trained over 2,000 people through the US, Asia and Australia, having been invited to speak at Harvard, Stanford and WEF Davos. Barnaby has a clear step by step process on the strategies to build blockchain, online audiences, social media and ecommerce.

Barnaby’s LinkedIn Profile


Bruselas Gómez

BlockAlchemy Co-Chair, Blockchain Community Strategies

Bruselas is a linguist with extensive experience in Business and Community Management, having also collaborated in IT, Cryptocurrency and ICO projects for the North & Latin American markets, and in different industries such as medical, nutrition & research, telecommunications, and printing, for the last couple of decades. Her multicultural background and ongoing curiosity led her to live in places such as Spain, Thailand, the US and México.

Zach Fitzner

Blockchain Tokenomics Strategist

(Based in the New York)

Zach has been working with cryptocurrency for over five years. Initially he started as an Ethereum miner and built large Ether farms for clients. Following this he joined the ICO and became the head product strategist and overall consultant for creative ideas and development. Zach came up with the entire concept and spearheaded the idea that lead to the Gizer project generating their first $9million in their pre-ICO. Since then, Zach has been working as a consultant for other ICOs including and many others. Zach’s deep knowledge of the blockchain helps with business implementation, Initial Coin Offering strategies, and understanding the requirements for the unique use case of a token. I’m well versed in many different blockchain implementations, specifically Ethereum, Bitcoin and IBM’s Hyperledger.

Mark Fidelman

Digital Marketing Strategist

(Based in San Diego)

Mark has been named a 2016 Top 20 influencer of CMOs by Forbes Magazine, a Top 25 Social Media Keynote Speaker by Inc Magazine, and a Huffington Post Top 50 Most Social CEO.  Mark writes the Socialized and Mobilized Columnist on Forbes, is a contributor to TechCrunch and Seeking Alpha, where he writes about blockchain and other technologies. He is also the author of the book SOCIALIZED. Mark’s passion had driven him into the field of cryptocurrencies, where is able to bring more than two decades of marketing technology and customer experience where he has led numerous strategic initiatives and programs while working in partnership with companies like Oracle, Microsoft and IBM.


Martin Higgins

Copywriter and Media Director

(Based in Bangkok)

Martin is a co-founder and Media Director of ANK-OTC, a cryptocurrency OTC brokerage. He is a journalist and copywriter of more than twenty years, experienced in news production, commercial writing and public relations. In 2017, he worked briefly as a cryptocurrency and blockchain journalist ( before becoming involved, as content writer and Media Director, for the ICO which led to the founding of ANK-OTC. He is also an author (Human+) and occasional podcaster (, on the themes of human potential and emerging technology.

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